Masaccio’s Holy Trinity

o fu gia quel che voi siete e quel chio son voi anco sarete/I once was what you are and what I am you also will be.” ~engraved on the wall of the Holy Trinity fresco in the Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella, in Florence, Italy.

“The Holy Trinity, with the Virgin and Saint John and donors is a fresco by the Early Italian Renaissance painter Masaccio…The Trinity is thought to have been created by Masaccio sometime between 1425-1427. He died in late 1428 at the age of 26, or having just turned 27, leaving behind a relatively small body of work. This painting was one of his last major commissions, and is considered to be one of his masterpieces.”

This painting is so important, that a lecture is included on the Khan Academy website.


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